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We are active in  fight against pandemic Covid-19!
Our front panels used in devices for air purification with
UV-C rays by IGLOO Sp. z o.o.

This distinguishes us!


Nowadays trends in electronic industry are changing rapidly. Currently industrial method of producing graphene is being developed and improved. QWERTY, in cooperation with the University of Lodz, Technical University of Lodz and the Institute of Electronic Materials Technology is in the research and development phase of this technology. In the future keyboards will be integrated with printed OLED displays.


Due to many years of experience we are now one of the leading membrane keyboards manufacturers on European market. We specialize in designing and producing of keyboards, front panels, labels, conductive foils and glass touch panels for individual orders. Our products have applications in different branches of industry such as: medical, mining, military, also in special purpose devices.


Our advantage is a comprehensive approach to customer service. You decide and we will double and triple ourselves to meet your expectations. We are versatile and flexible – just like our keyboards! Deciding to use our services, you are choosing a reliable partner that will not disappoint you.

Our goals

Lead in this branch of business

Ambition is our middle name! There can be no compromise with quality of our services. Reliability, which distinguishes us, ensure our position as the leader on the market.

Create and exceed technology limits

We are working in a dynamic developing industry. We are eager to take on new challenges. Imagination is our only limit.

Build new markets for control devices

We believe in increasing potential of membrane keyboards. We want to actively participate in development of the modern world. We are constantly searching for new usages of our products.

Always offer a professional consulting

You are not an engineer? You don’t have to worry. Trust the experts! Membrane keyboards is our passion, which we would like to share with you!

Closely cooperate with customer to create an optimal product

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We would like to introduce you with our multi-step manufacturing process – from the very first touch of project to the finished product.


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Trade Fair in Munich 2016

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Seminar of Solutions

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