EX-rated membrane keyboards


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    EX-rated membrane keyboards

    EX-rated membrane keyboards

    Membrane keyboards made by QWERTY are widely used in numerous sectors that require reliable performance in adverse environmental conditions. Our keyboards are perfect for use in areas marked with the Ex symbol where there is a risk of explosion.

    To meet the specific needs of our clients, we design keyboards that can be used in all zones listed in the ATEX regulation. Additionally, we can also take your individual preferences into account when it comes to the aesthetics and functionality of the keyboard.

    Membrane keyboards with the Ex mark are made of materials that do not ignite gases and do not pose a potential source of sparks or heat. Devices with keyboards marked with the Ex symbol can obtain ATEX certification.

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    What makes Ex membrane keyboards so special?


    Keyboards with Ex markings are equipped with special seals that prevent gases from entering the device. These types of keyboards often also have a high IP rating, meaning they are resistant to dust and moisture. This is important because in some places, dust can be a potential source of an explosion.


    Ex-rated keyboards can, therefore, be used in extreme and hazardous environmental conditions. For this reason, they are often used in chemical plants, mines, drilling platforms, refineries, and other industrial environments exposed to a potential risk of explosion.

    Are you interested in purchasing ATEX approved keyboards?

    Contact us at QWERTY! We will meticulously review your product vision and craft a keyboard that is customized to meet your specific requirements. Our products are a testament to both safety and the utmost quality!

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