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    Front panels

    Front panels

    Front panel is a self-adhesive product that you can stick at the front of an electronic device. It is a multilayer product that in the basic version consists of a graphic layer and an adhesive layer. Unlike labels, in front panel the adhesive is only applied on selectively., Such as keyboards, front panels may have embossed keys or windows over the displays. The devices with a front panel can be operated thanks to microswitches located underneath it, which are mounted on a PCB. It is important to note that the graphic layout of the front panel can be designed according to our imagination. 

    Functions of front panels

    Front panels primarily serve a decorative function in devices, providing a decorative layer that often conceals control elements. They may also include a descriptive and informative section about the equipment

    Additionally, front panels act as a protective layer for internal components, increasing their resistance to dust, moisture, and other external factors. This, in turn, enhances their durability.

    Front panels

    Benefits of front panels

    Front panels

    QWERTY’s front panels are, above all, a guarantee of top quality. The entire production process is carefully controlled to ensure that the outcomes of our work meet our clients’ expectations.


    By choosing a front panels from QWERTY, you have the opportunity to fully personalize the ordered product. We can adapt both the aesthetic aspects (colors and embossing) and technical parameters to your requirements and vision.


    Remember that when it comes to colors, you can choose a color from standard color guide (like Pantone or RAL) or provide your own color. Before producing the front panel, we will ensure that it fully aligns with your idea.

    Front panels by QWERTY

    The front panels designed and constructed by QWERTY are completely dependent on the vision and expectations of our clients. We can use both traditional printing technology and digital printing to create front panels. In the traditional method, we apply colors layer by layer. With digital printing, whole graphic is printed at the foil at the same time. Order a ront panel from QWERTY and enjoy a fully customized product that is tailored to your specific needs!

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    Front panels

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