ESD/RFI/EMI shielded membrane keyboards


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    ESD/RFI/EMI shielded membrane keyboards

    ESD/RFI/EMI shielded

    membrane keyboards

    The membrane keyboards produced at QWERTY fully meet the individual needs and expectations of our customers. We make every effort to ensure that the projects we implement comprehensively reflect their visions and ideas. Membrane keyboards can be shielded according to customer preferences. This protects electronic devices against electromagnetic and electrostatic interference. Our shielded products have a positive impact on the electromagnetic compatibility of the finished device. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) refers to the ability of electronic devices to function properly in an electromagnetic environment.

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    Types of shielded membrane keyboards

    Keyboards designed at QWERTY can be protected against the following types of interference (ESD, RFI, EMI)


    ESD shielded membrane keyboards (Electro-Static Discharge) shielded keyboards are protected against electrostatic discharge. This discharge usually occurs due to the accumulation of electrostatic charges near or on the keyboard’s surface, which can potentially damage electronic devices. ESD shielding protection prevents such situations and allows for the safe use of the keyboard.


    EMI shielded membrane keyboards (Electromagnetic Interference) shielded keyboards are protected against electromagnetic interference that may be produced by power supplies, converters, or other devices that emit electromagnetic radiation.


    RFI – shielded membrane keyboards (Radio Frequency Interference) shielded keyboards are protected against interference generated by electronic devices such as radios, TVs, and mobile phones.

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    Shielded keyboards manufactured by QWERTY guarantee the highest quality, innovative solutions, and safety. Are you interested in purchasing QWERTY keyboards? Contact us!

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    ESD/RFI/EMI shielded membrane keyboards

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