Foil keyboards


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    Foil keyboards

    Foil keyboards

    A foil keyboard is a type of keyboard composed of multiple layers of flexible polyester film, with conductive tracks printed on one of them. The electronic keyboard circuit is printed with silver flake-based lacquer.

    The many types of foil keyboards available include flat keyboards with embossed keys keyboards with molded keys, keyboards with display windows, keyboards with LEDs keyboards with key or graphic backlight, keyboards with EMC and ESD screen and keyboards with laminated touch screens. 

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    Benefits of foil keyboards

    The foil keyboard has many advantages. Thinness and sleek design make it desirable option for devices where space is limited or aesthetic appeal is a priority.  Its compact size and ease of installation facilitate using them in various electronic devices.

    The foil keyboard can be designed to accurately reflect the vision and needs of customers. Imagination is the limit! Thanks to the use of modern technology, it is possible to choose any pattern and graphics to be printed on the keyboard and the shape of the key embossing.

    In addition to aesthetic considerations and the possibility of full personalization of the product, the undisputed advantage of the foil keyboard is also its resistance to harmful climatic and chemical factors. The durability and reliability of this type of keyboard lie in the fact that they are resistant to moisture and dust

    Foil keyboards

    What applications can a foil keyboard have?

    Foil keyboards

    The high functionality and aesthetics of foil keyboards make them widely used in many different industries. These include:


    Medicine – the foil keyboards are resistant to various chemicals (e.g., disinfectants), they can be used as part of medical equipment.


    Military – the foli keyboard’s durability and resistance to extreme environmental conditions makes it a suitable component fot military equioment.


    Industry – due to their resistance to moisture, dust and temperature differences, foil keyboards are used in control devices and controllers concerning the broadly understood industry.


    Automotive – due to their resistance to moisture, dust and temperature differences in the automotive industry, foil keyboards are used primarily for control panels, air conditioning and audio systems.


    Telecommunications – foil keyboards are also used in the production of selected communication devices (e.g., radiotelephones);


    Gastronomy – the foil keyboard can also be an element of devices used in gastronomy (e.g., in order processing machines, payment terminals, and ovens). In this case, resistance to water, fat and household chemicals is the key.

    Foil keyboards in QWERTY

    Are you in search of high-quality foil keyboards? Then you have come to the right place! At QWERTY, we specialize in producing various types of foil keyboards. Share your vision of the keyboard with us and we will bring it to life. Trust our 35 years of industry experience!

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    Foil keyboards

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