Technical data of membrane keyboards:

Membrane keyboards
Guaranteed life expectancy (U<30V, I<25mA) 5 x 106 cycles
Conductive path resistance <1 Ω/cm
Conductive path width min. 0,2 mm
Contact key resistance (depending on keyboard design and customer’s requirements) 20Ω – 1000Ω
Insulation resistance >10MΩ
Operation voltage max 30V
Operation current max 25mA
Ambient humidity max 95%
Operation temperature -40°C- +70°C
Storage temperature -40°C- +80°C
External dimensions max 350 x 700mm
Conductive strip bending radius (min) 2,0 mm
LED voltage 2 – 30 V
EL lamp voltage/frequency 130V 400Hz
Switch force 1,5 – 8,0 N

Print parameters

Screen Printing Digital printing
Recommended line width > 0,3 mm > 0,2 mm
Printing tolerance according to ISO 2768-1 (mm)
<120 (mm) ± 0,15
120 – 400 (mm) ± 0,2
>400 (mm) ± 0,3
Permitted variation of line thickness < 10% < 5%
Smoothness Visual contaminations are not permitted. Raised areas are acceptable only over conductive strips exits.
Colour covering The colour coverage is sufficient, when underneathed layers are invisible.
Colour reproduction ΔE 3 ΔE 6
Enviromental influence (faults) – max 0,25 mm2
Minimum distance between faults 50 mm
Number of faults in window area <1dm2 1
Number of faults in window area ≥1dm2 2 / dm2
Colours overlapping Due to printing technology, overlapping is necessary and permitted
Graphic design as requested


 External dimensions tolerance according to ISO 2768-1 (mm)
 <120 (mm) ± 0,15
 120 – 400 (mm) ± 0,2
 >400 (mm) ± 0,3
 Edge shape C-grind, trapeze
 Thickness > 1mm
 Surface properties 1 mm chemical tempered; >2mm thermal tempered
 Coating Antiglar, Antyrefleks and special coating

Chemical substances that membrane keyboards are resistant to:

Chemical substances Foodstuff and others
acetone coffee
methyl ethyl ketone tea
toluene mustard
dichloromethane ketchup
isopropyl alcohol tomato juice
cyclohexanone citrus fruit juice
ethyl acetate grape juice
xylene vinegar
sodium hydroxide [40%] milk and milk products
hydrochloric acid detergents
petrol blood
potassium chloride
butyl cellosolve