A long guarantee not only proves the highest quality of our products, but above all, it demonstrates our confidence in our work and provides peace of mind to our customers. With our extensive experience in producing membrane keyboards, foil fronts, and glass panels, we have become a trusted business partner. Last year, we celebrated the 35th anniversary of our company’s incorporation

From the very beginning the quality of our products has been our top priority

It all starts with purchasing the best materials, constantly checking them, and maintaining constant contact with suppliers. It is important to know your business partners and trust each other.

The second important factor is our approach to technology and the production process. We fine-tune every stage of production, structure tasks based on devised plans, and conduct quality assessments at every stage. Our efficiency is demonstrated by our acquisition of the ISO 9001:2015 certification from the Quality Certification Centre of the Military University of Technology.

The accuracy of colors is tested using the tool from the XRITE company. Upon request, we will prepare a report on the spectral color profile. This is to our clients, for whom an individual color is a crucial part of their brand’s identity and recognition.

We guarantee up to 5,000,000 presses with our developed press tester that simulates intensive use of keys in membrane keyboards. With this device, we can simulate long-term keyboard usage and check the durability of our products.

The quality of our LEDs assembly is renowned in the market. Its innovative assembly technology ensures that customers receive products with consistent performance. Additionally, we can showcase a unique method for testing the robustness of the assembly. Our professionals have developed a tool that “mistreats” LEDs to assess the durability of their adhesive to the surface

At the end, every keyboard undergoes an electrical inspection, including a specific test for operation and contact resistance values. We also check the illumination of all LEDs. Each test results in a report that we include in the package and each keyboard receives a specific inspection tag.

We are confident in the durability and reliability of our products, which is why, starting from January 2, 2024*, we are extending the standard warranty periods. This allows you to enjoy our products for a longer period without any concerns.

Together, we are building a success story founded on quality and trust.

*The guarantee covers products manufactured after January 2, 2024.