What distinguishes an experienced company from a novice manufacturer? Is it the level of knowledge and its systematization? Is it the level of advancement of the technologies and tools used? Certainly. However, a high-quality specialist is primarily a partner for their client during the journey called DESIGNING.

We often work with clients who have deas for a new device. They know that they need a membrane keyboard to start and control it. The remaining question is what it should look like and what functions it should perform. Initially, a simple hand-drawn sketch by the customer, made with a pencil on a piece of paper, will be enough for us. The graphics, keyboard layout, and their functions often evolve during the design stage.  

The fact that our specialists can work with the customer to determine all the necessary functions, refine individual membrane keyboard elements (taking branding issues into account), and analyze the method of its final installation on the device speaks volumes about the expertise of our specialists. 
This is how our “Catalog Drawing” is created, which is a technical transcription of the client’s vision.  

Now, the client can be sure that he will receive a product of the highest quality, fully in line with his expectations. “The design sketched in pencil” is ready to be put into mass production.